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"Halt put a plan in place rather than just come and go. They keep me informed about what they're doing." Happy Customer

Nobody's happy when they visit our web site... Let's face it.

You're probably here because you've got pests nearby. You want them to go away. You want the problem solved now, not next week. You want a professional who will deliver a pest control solution, not an exterminator who only delivers a temporary fix.

A Local Portland Service Provider

Halt Pest Control, a Portland pest control company based in Beaverton and serving the entire Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro area, delivers environmentally sound household pest control and commercial solutions that focus not only on eliminating pests, but tailoring pest control solutions for your unique needs and environment. Unlike other pest control companies, we're not in the volume sales business. That means we invest the time to understand the cause of pest issues and to create a relationship with you. This allows us to deliver the right solution to protect your family and your investment in your home.

The Bed Bug Problem
  • Our approach to pest control is to utilize green pest control practices for the health of your family and the environment. We use effective, low impact insect control and rodent control methods to rid your home of pests with the smallest impact possible on the environment. Read More
  • Mice, rats and other rodents pose potential health threats and cause damage in your home. We offer comprehensive rodent control services to solve any rodent infestation issue. Our professional exterminators will evaluate your home to identify the source of the infestation, rid your home of the pests and remove dead animals. You will find detailed information about common household rodents and our rodent control services on our website. Learn More
  • Halt Pest Control has insect control solutions for all residential, multifamily residential and commercial needs. Our pest control services can resolve any type of indoor or outdoor pest problem. Whether you have a bed bug problem, carpenter ants, fleas or any other pest, we can help. Our exterminators are experts at identifying and treating the source of the problem. Learn More
  • The bed bug problem in New York and other major cities has generated recent media attention. Bed bugs are becoming a growing concern in Portland, OR, Beaverton and Vancouver, WA as well. Bed bugs are difficult in terms of pest control and over the counter products are not effective. Our trained and experienced exterminators use a proven process to eliminate your bed bug problem. Learn More


Bring those pests to a HALT!

  • HALT! Bed Bugs™
    “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
    It’s a cute little saying. But there’s nothing cute about dealing with a bed bug infestation. Learn everything you need to know about bedbugs but were afraid to ask.
    Read More
  • HALT! Caprenter Ants™
    Carpenter ants can cause severe damage to your home and property if not managed well. Get the low down on what you need to know to identify and manage carpenter ants.
    Read More
  • HALT! Rats, Mice & Rodents™
    Some people think rodents are cute. That may be true until they're crawling through your cupboard or roof. Halt delivers all the knowledge you need to spot the signs that you may not be home alone.
    Read More
  • HALT! Small Ants™
    There they are again... those small black ants. These ants seem to appear out of nowhere. They crawl out of light switches or creep across the counters in your kitchen and bath. You see them all over your house.
    Read More

Seasonal Specials & Tips

Save 10% on Ant service!

Spring tips:

  • Keep soil away from wood and siding to reduce pest access. If there must be wood to soil contact (on a porch or deck) use pressure-treated wood or material which is insect resistant.
  • Eliminate damp conditions, increase ventilation and replace decayed wood to manage carpenter ant issues and help prevent future infestations...

Read More

The Bug Library

Halt Pest Control Bug Library

There's more to those bugs, rodents and creepy crawlies under and around your house. Visit the Halt Pest Control Bug Library to for everything you need to know...

Visit the Library

QualityPro Certified

QualityPro Green

Halt Pest Control is one of the only Oregon companies to earn the QualityPro seal of approval.

Read More

The Truth About "Green" Marketing

Green Marketing Truth

It seems everywhere you turn these days companies are touting the fact that they’re “green.” They make a lot of noise about being good stewards of the environment and how their business’ main priority is sustainability.

Read More

Bug Videos

My Bug Tube

HALT Pest Control has develop My Bug Tube - a video site devoted to sharing the best (and creepiest) bug videos you'll find. You can also contribute your own videos... will you be the next My Bug Tube star!

Go to My Bug Tube

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Each month Halt Pest Control publishes The Pest Post News. The newsletter includes a video from Rob McMaster, President of Halt Pest Control, with advice, tips and useful information about how to protect your home family and property from bugs, rodents and other pests, as well as interest pest stories from around the globe.


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