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Halt Pest Control Provides Personalized Service Designed for Your Property

Halt Best Control in Clackamas is your one-call solution for any pest and vermin infestations in your commercial or residential property. We are committed to ensuring customer health and safety at all costs, which is why we offer extensive “green” extermination solutions, like baits, nonlethal traps, and non-toxic insecticides. We are also proud to provide clients with Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) services, which go above and beyond to get rid of the problem and ensure it will never happen again.QualityPro and Green Certified Certifications

Contact us today for pest control in Clackamas that comes with:

  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Quick reaction-time for emergency jobs
  • Personalized services that prioritize your safety and satisfaction

There is no one simple solution guaranteed to get rid of every pest. Animals and insects are often reliant and stubborn, and may do everything they can to hold on once they’ve established a home. That’s why our extermination specialists always use at least two methods to eliminate infestations at their source. And once we are finished, we will always provide you with the necessary knowledge about what to do next, and how to prevent similar problems in the future.

Interested learning more? Halt Pest Control is available by phone at (503) 822-6555.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

With our customized and personalized pest control service in Clackamas, we guarantee the quality of our work with every job. In the weeks after completion, just dial (503) 822-6555 at any point if you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, and our extermination and pest control professionals will go above and beyond to address any concerns you may have. In the rare instances that another problem arises, or your initial problem is not taken care of, we will return to your house or business to correct the issue as soon as possible. For Halt Pest Control, customer satisfaction means no temporary fixes. Our goal is to give you permanent solutions for a happy, healthy, pest-free home.

Top-Notch Pest Control, No Matter the Season

Pests don’t wait to strike until when it’s convenient for you. Various critters may invade your home at various times of the year. That’s why Halt Pest Control is ready to take on all of your extermination needs, from Spring to Winter. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to get rid of a wide range of bugs and vermin. We also make sure to sit down and talk with you before beginning every job, so we are aware of any special concerns or mitigating circumstances unique to your situation.

Just a few of the pests we can remove include:

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Our Customer Reviews

  • “I was lucky enough to have Halt referred to me and I couldn't be any happier!”

    Tamme P.

  • “We have been using Halt pest control for over 8 years!”

    Don c.

  • “Excellent customer service, excellent results, excellent people”


  • “They left no stone unturned and gave me an explanation for everything that they did.”

    Hailey B.

  • “Very happy with this organization.”

    William H.