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Hillsboro Pest Control Services

Totally Personalized Pest Control Tailored to Your Expectations

Halt Pest Control in Hillsboro can help you take care of any pest or vermin infestation that is bothering you. We offer many “green” extermination practices, like baits, nonlethal traps, and safer insecticides. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services that do more than just get rid of the problem, but also help make certain it never happens again.

Choosing our Hillsboro pest control company lets you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Working with a QualityPro and Green Certified company.
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions for most jobs.
  • Quick reaction-time for emergency jobs.
  • Personalized services that prioritize your safety and satisfaction.

Taking care of a pesky pest usually will not work with a simple solution or a single type of removal or extermination method. Critters can be tenacious and stubborn, after all. To help get to the source of the problem and control it outright, we utilize two or more methods to resolve the situation. Once we are finished applying our solutions, we like to sit down with you and provide real knowledge about what we did, why, and what to do next.

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We Guarantee Our Work for Client Satisfaction

Our personalized and customizable pest control services in Hillsboro are all eligible for a guarantee, which varies in duration depending on the job. During the guarantee period, you can call (503) 822-6555 again to talk with our extermination and control specialists about any new concerns you might have. If there seems to be another issue growing, or the previous infestation is growing rather than reducing, we can come back out to your home or property free-of-charge. We do not provide temporary fixes when permanent solutions are so much better.

Spring or Winter, We Provide Top-Notch Pest Control

All throughout the year, you and your family could get bothered by pesky pests of all sorts. At Halt Pest Control, we have the experience and industry knowledge needed to handle a pest control job no matter the season. Before we begin any job, we would like to talk to you to get to know your unique situation, such as if you have pets or toddlers, and what sort of pest is bugging you.

To name just a few of the pests we can remove:

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Our Customer Reviews

  • “I was lucky enough to have Halt referred to me and I couldn't be any happier!”

    Tamme P.

  • “The technician was wonderful, and we now have them come out for quarterly exterior treatments.”

    Teri A.

  • “Our technician was Randall and he has done a fantastic job!”

    Sarah Anne M.

  • “Very happy with this organization.”

    William H.

  • “Halt Pest Control will treat the exterior of my home when the rains subside to assist in keeping my little visitors away.”

    Theresa B.