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  • New Pollinator Stamps
    New Pollinator Stamps

    The U.S. Postal Service has issued a series of five beautiful stamps depicting insect pollinators. Two of the stamps have honey bees and three have monarch butterflies, all pollinating different ...

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  • Headless Bees Still Sting
    Headless Bees Still Sting

    Recently a person wearing socks, but no shoes was walking in her garden near some lavender when she stepped on the abdomen of a honey bee and was stung. Upon closer inspection, she found the ground ...

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  • Rats and Mice Alert!
    Rats and Mice Alert!

    If you are hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, it may not be the feet of those you love! Cooler weather causes large numbers of mice and rats to invade homes and buildings. They are looking for ...

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  • September 2017 Pest Control Tip
    September 2017 Pest Control Tip

    If you place houseplants outdoors and then bring them back in, inspect them carefully to make sure they are not bringing in unwanted “hitchhikers.” Some pests may be feeding on the plant itself, and ...

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  • September 2017 Cartoon
    September 2017 Cartoon

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  • Fall Invading Pests
    Fall Invading Pests

    Many pests begin looking for a suitable place to spend the winter as the weather starts to change this time of year. Unfortunately, homes and other buildings are common overwintering places for these ...

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