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Common Indoor Fly Problems

We are often asked about indoor flies and where they are breeding. The answer depends on the kind of fly, because different types of flies come indoors, and each have very different breeding places. Here are some of the more common indoor flies we see in homes and businesses.

The common house fly is the most universal. It breeds in nearly anything moist and decaying, from food products to garbage to pet and other animal droppings. Flesh flies are larger and slower than these, and breed in dead snails and animal carcasses. Cluster fly maggots develop in earthworms. Drain flies breed in the moist gunk on the inside of drains. Fungus gnats often breed in damp houseplant soil. Fruit flies lay their eggs in any break in the skin of very ripe fruit, but also on wet, gungy mops, garbage cans, and similar places.

The disease-carrying capacity of flies is legendary. One study found that a single fly was carrying approximately one million bacteria! These germs can easily be transferred to food when flies land or walk across food preparing countertops or directly on the food itself.

Persistent household fly problems are best solved with a multi-pronged attack. It is important to exclude flies with screens, remove places where they are breeding, and remove odors that are attracting them. It is also important to identify the flies so we know where they might be breeding and how to stop them. Our professionally applied treatments are part of an overall fly control strategy.