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  • New Bee Drills into Sandstone
    New Bee Drills into Sandstone

    An amazing, newly discovered bee species bores into solid sandstone and lays its eggs in it. These bees do not live in colonies. They are solitary, although they may eventually build many tunnels near ...

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  • Carpenter Ants Becoming Active
    Carpenter Ants Becoming Active

    You would think with a name like ‘carpenter’ that these ants would do something constructive. Actually, by nature they are destructive rather than constructive. In forests this is good because they ...

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  • Weird New Snake
    Weird New Snake

    One of the strangest snakes was described as a new species in 2006. The spider-tailed viper is from Iran. This snake has a spider-like appendage on the end of its tail that it uses to lure in birds. ...

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