Family Indoors

Pest Trivia!

1. When is National Pest Management Month?

April. It recognizes the valuable contribution of what we do, as pest management professionals, every day to protect health, food, property, and homes from pests and the diseases they carry.

2. What percent of people have encountered bed bug problems?

In a recent survey by the National Pest Management Association, an amazing 70% of urban residents indicated they have encountered bed bugs in their home, office, a hotel, or other location.

3. How long does it take for a tarantula to dissolve a small mouse?

1 ½ days

4. Why do people often get several flea bites in a row?

Apparently dog and cat fleas find humans somewhat distasteful, so they keep biting and sampling the blood, hoping to find more tasteful blood. In contrast, the much less common flea called the “human flea” quickly settles down and leaves only one bite mark.

5. What is the shortest poem in the world?

(It is a pest poem often attributed to famed poet Ogden Nash.)
Adam had ’em.