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  • Managing and Controlling Odorous House Ants
    Managing and Controlling Odorous House Ants

    Odorous House Ants can be one of the most difficult ants to control Odorous House Ant Prevention First and foremost, taking the right steps to prevent an Odorous House Ant infestation will be the most ...

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  • Odorous House Ant Behavior
    Odorous House Ant Behavior

    Odorous House Ant: Tapinoma Sessile Like all ants, odorous house ants live in social colonies. These colonies are made up of different cast members (workers and reproductives). Male and female ...

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  • Pavement Ant Biology
    Pavement Ant Biology

    Pavement Ant: Tetramorium Caespitum Above: A pavement ant showing the characteristic two node petiole, pair of spines on thorax, and groves on head and thorax (Actual size approx. 3 mm.) As their name ...

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  • Managing Pavement Ants
    Managing Pavement Ants

    It is critical that the queen or source of the colony be eliminated These ants are ground dwelling ants and it is critical that control measures be made as close to the source of the colony as ...

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