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  • 163 Year Old Poem
    163 Year Old Poem

    This pest poem, written about 1855, still rings true today. As spring approaches, ants and roaches, from their holes come out, and mice and rats, in spite of cats, gaily skip about. Bedbugs bite you, ...

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  • Cockroaches Through History
    Cockroaches Through History

    A common myth about cockroaches is that they have been around, unchanged, for 300 million years. New research shows the fossils from back then aren’t really anything like modern-day cockroaches. The ...

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  • January 2018 Pest Control Tip
    January 2018 Pest Control Tip

    Place weather stripping on the bottom, side, and top of all outside doors—anywhere where you see light coming in. Old weather stripping may no longer be making a good seal, and it may be time to ...

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  • Safety Corner
    Safety Corner

    A residential fire occurs every 78 seconds, and most of these fires occur during the winter months. Remember to watch for and fix potential fire hazards at home and work, such as frayed electrical ...

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  • November 2017 Cartoon
    November 2017 Cartoon

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