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Why There Are Ants in Your Home

And 4 Ways to Start Eliminating Ants Today

If you live in Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, or any of the surrounding areas odds are good you’ve dealt with the frustration of tiny black ants in your home. Sometimes the ants are clustered around food, sometimes they're not. Which leads to the question: “Why do I have ants in my home?”

These pesky little bugs move into your home, invite their friends, and suddenly you’re dealing with a very irritating problem. Before you read any further, you need to understand one thing:

Having an ant infestation does not mean your home is dirty.

Odorous house ants, commonly known as sugar ants, are small, difficult, quick pests that are extremely common in Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, and much of the Pacific Northwest. Ants are one of those pests that will take over any type of home regardless of cleanliness. The high population of sugar ants in our area mean that most homes are likely to experience an ant infestation at some point if they are not protected. Ants, like all pests, get into homes because they seek food, water, and shelter. You can limit their access to food and water, but your home will always provide shelter.

Being proactive with the tips below, and with a preventative pest control service, is the best way to protect your home from ant infestations.

Pest-proof Your Home

Inspect the inside and outside of your home for cracks or gaps, big or small. Seal any openings you find. If any trees, bushes, or other plants are touching the outside of your home trim them back at least a foot. Replace any weather-stripping that is loose or worn around windows or doors.

Remove Moisture

Ants are attracted to moisture. Survey the faucets around your home and if you notice any leaking faucets fix them right away. Similarly, make sure to regularly clean up standing water both inside and outside your home (standing water outside your home can attract all sorts of undesirable critters, especially mosquitoes).

Remove Food Opportunities

Most people already know leaving food out can attract ants. Even something as small as a crumb or a drop of juice can be a feast to a colony of ants. Halt Pest Control recommends keeping pet food in a sealed, airtight container, and picking up your pet’s food once they’re done eating. Always wipe down counters and tables after meals.

Ready to Get Rid of the Ants?

If you need to get rid of ants in your home, the fastest and safest way is to use a licensed, professional, pest management company. Halt Pest Control’s technicians are ant experts, so they are prepared to eliminate any ant infestation you may have.

For more information on ants, or to stop an ant infestation today, contact Halt Pest Control at 503-524-8548.