Why Does My Home Have Rodents?

A mouse running through your house on occasion usually isn't something to be concerned about, especially if you live near a field or a wooded area. However, if you begin seeing multiple mice and other rodents, then you need to determine what is attracting them to your home. Here are a few common reasons to consider.


Mice and other rodents could be in your home because they are sniffing out food. They might not be able to get enough to eat outside due to the weather conditions or because of the competition between other rodents. When they smell crumbs that might be on your counters or on your floors, they want to see what foods are available. Keep your kitchen as clean as possible.


You've likely noticed more rodents trying to find refuge when it's raining or when the temperature is too cold. If they can find a way inside your home, then they will usually seek shelter in the walls, baseboards, and other dark areas so that they are comfortable and secure.


Sometimes, rodents might decide that the interior of your home is the best place to start a family. If you notice more than one rodent, then they could be trying to mate. This is when you should consider contacting a pest control company. Otherwise, you'll have an infestation.

Bottom line: Take action at the first sight of a rodent. Traps and store-bought poisons can be effective, but they may not catch all the rodents in your home. Meanwhile, they’re multiplying at a rapid pace. For more immediate, results contact Halt Pest Control at (503) 822-6555. We can customize a plan to remove pests quickly and deter others from moving in.