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Pest Problems Persist Through Cold Portland Winter

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

In our Beaverton office, winter is in full swing - it’s cold, rainy, sometimes icy, and always grey outside. Around this time of year, the first question clients typically ask is, “it’s the middle of winter, why do I have rats, mice, ants, or other pests?”. The unfortunate answer is that pests do not “go away” at any point during the year. Warm weather certainly creates an influx of pests, but cold temperatures tend to cause pests to look for a warm, safe spot to call home. The warmth, food, and water sources our homes and businesses offer make them attractive to a variety of pests.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Taking a little time to pest-proof your home for the winter can have a big payoff. You’ll be less likely to encounter pests inside your home and in the event they do get inside it may be a less severe and less expensive infestation. Halt Pest Control recommends these tips for Portland area homeowners to lower the threat of pests this year

  1. Remove clutter from storage areas around your home or business. Low traffic areas like the basement, attic, and closets are good locations to start.
  2. Keep firewood a minimum of 20 feet from the building, at least a foot or so off the ground.
  3. Use silicone-based caulk, steel wool, and other pest-proof materials to seal cracks or any open space on the exterior of the building.
  4. Inspect windows to ensure the screens are free of holes and frames are tightly sealed.
  5. Check your landscaping. If you have trees with branches nearing the structure of your home or business, you’ll want to trim them back to avoid letting insects and rats take the leap onto your home.

A licensed, reputable pest control company will be able to inspect your home with you and point out additional methods rats, mice, and winter bugs might get inside. If you do find pests in your home or business, mice or rats in particular, give Halt Pest Control a call right away. Mice and rats can cause substantial damage to a building very quickly and pose a variety of health risks to your employees or family. A licensed pest technician can exterminate mice, rats, and winter bugs in a faster, more effective, and far safer way than do-it-yourself methods can.

For more information about how you can keep pests out of your home or business,
give our Beaverton office a call at (503) 822-6555.

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