How to Avoid Bed Bugs on Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but finding bed bugs can quickly ruin a good vacation. At Halt, we’ve helped quite a few clients this summer who have gone on vacation and ended up bringing home bed bugs. In hopes of helping you avoid that unfortunate scenario we’ve put together some simple tips and tricks to avoid bed bugs while on vacation. By learning what to watch out for and how to handle the unlikely scenario in which you encounter bed bugs, you can greatly reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs home from vacation.

If you aren’t already aware of what the signs of bed bugs are you should start by learning them here.

Now that you know what bed bugs look like and what the signs of them are, you need to know how to avoid them on summer vacation, and what to do if you have a run-in with bed bugs during your travels.

Precautions to Take for Bed Bugs in a HotelVacation Bed Bug Free

Bed bug infestations can be anywhere, even at the nicest hotels and resorts. When traveling you should always be cautious when checking into a new rental home, hotel, or motel room. You should complete a quick inspection of the bedrooms when checking in with these steps:

  1. When you enter the room, do not place luggage on the beds. The safest place for your items is in the bathtub while you check your room.
  2. Carefully pull sheets back on the bed beginning with the area around where you would lay your head. Look for small dark reddish or brownish spots, bed bug skins, or live bed bugs.
  3. Move on to inspect around the headboard. You should look for the same signs as before in any areas that are accessible in front of, on, and behind the headboard.
  4. Visually inspect all furniture that is within about 2 feet of the bed for any of the before mentioned signs of bed bugs.

If at any point during your inspection you notice signs of bed bugs you should report your concerns to the front desk right away. If you don’t find anything, congratulations! You’ve inspected your room and completed a huge step in having a bed bug free vacation.

In addition to inspecting the room, you can use the following tips to help reduce your likelihood of bringing bed bugs home from vacation.

Never Use the Luggage Rack

You should never place your luggage or bags on the bed, or on the luggage rack. The luggage rack is actually the very spot bed bugs are most often found in hotels, probably because everyone that travels uses them. The safest locations for your luggage are in the bathroom, on the floor, or on a table.

Don’t Put Clothing Where Bed Bugs Hide

The other tip pest professionals always use while traveling is not to place clothing in the drawers or shelving. The large, often older and wooden, shelving hotels offer provides plenty of cracks and crevices for bed bugs to hide.

Remember that these tips are here to help; enjoy your vacation and don’t let the worry of bed bugs stop you from having an amazing time!

What to do if you find bed bugs in a hotel

If at any point during your inspection you notice evidence of bed bugs, you should remove your items and request the hotel provide a new room that does not share any walls with the room you found bed bug evidence in. Staying in a room you know has signs of bed bugs will increase your chances of bringing an infestation home.

How to stop bed bugs from spreading to Your Home After Vacation

When it’s time to go home from vacation there are still important steps to take in making sure you do not bring home a bed bug infestation. Whether you found signs of bed bugs in your travels or not, you should always put all of the clothing items you traveled with directly into the washer. Wash and dry them on the hottest heat cycle in order to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs. You should visually inspect your luggage and any non-washable items you traveled with as well.

If at any point during your vacation you encounter bed bugs, and especially if you see signs of bed bugs on your luggage when you arrive home, a full home bed bug inspection is needed. Bed bugs spread rapidly, so scheduling a professional inspection is the best way to ensure your home is free of them. At Halt Pest Control, we know bed bugs are a high stress pest, and we will do our best to schedule an inspection as quickly as you are available. Halt Professional Pest Technicians will complete a full home inspection, and will also be able to inspect your luggage bags for you. In addition, we offer detection devices that can be installed strategically in your home during a bed bug inspection so you can continuously and easily monitor your home for bed bugs.

Need to schedule inspection or get treatment for bed bugs in your home? You can reach us at Halt Pest Control any day, any time. There is always a technician on call for emergencies. Just give us a call, explain what’s going on, and we’ll bring your pest problems to a Halt.