You Can’t Afford to Ignore a Rodent Problem

Rodents have long remained some of the most common and invasive household pests. While mice and rats can invade your home throughout the year, they become especially troublesome during the winter. Rodents seek refuge from the cold and snow and unfortunately, your home is the perfect safe haven. The warmth and abundant food sources are simply too irresistible. Mice and rats breed quickly, so it doesn’t take long for an infestation to occur. Keep reading to learn some of the potential dangers of ignoring a rodent problem.


Rodents Can Damage Your Property

Don’t overlook the damage that can be caused by mice and rats. Sharp teeth and claws enable rodents to wreak some serious havoc. They will gnaw on virtually anything, including walls. Rodents don’t have an economy, so expensive furniture and valuable paintings aren’t safe either. Mice love to rip out insulation especially, which they use to make nests.

Mice are constantly looking for ways to get inside your home. They will chew a small opening until it’s big enough to slide through. Holes allow rainwater to drip through and make your home more accessible to insects. The cost to repair water damage is more expensive to repair than you may think.

Rodents spent about 3% of their lives gnawing on things. By chewing through electrical wires, mice and rats can create a major fire hazard. Each year, rodents are responsible for causing dozens of house fires.

You should also consider the effort it takes to clean a home that has been ruined by rodents. From your bedroom carpet to the kitchen cabinets, virtually every aspect of your home will need to be disinfected. Because rodent urine is so strong, it can leave a stench that lingers in the air for days at a time.


Rodents Spread Sickness

For good reason, rodents have a reputation for being incredibly unsanitary. They can taint your entire home with their disgusting droppings. Everyone in your family will be put at risk of getting sick. Not only will small children no longer be able to safely play on the floor, simply preparing a meal in the kitchen could be hazardous.

Understandably, mice love to rummage through the kitchen. This gives them an easier opportunity to get dinner. Although it’s not uncommon for mice to find crumbs lying on the floor, they will also rip open packages of food. While rodents are having a field day in your kitchen, germs will be spread throughout the area. Food poisoning becomes a real concern. Salmonella bacteria live in a rodent’s intestinal tract. When a mouse leaves behind droppings, the bacterium creates an extremely unhealthy atmosphere. Some of the flu-like symptoms of food poisoning include abdominal pain, headaches, fever, and diarrhea. In severe cases, you’ll need to get treated at the hospital.

Hantavirus is an even more serious disease spread by rodents, especially the deer mouse. You can get infected by either touching a contaminated area or breathing in the particles. If a person’s immune system is already weakened, this virus can be life-threatening.


What Should I do About Rodents?

Evicting rodents from your home won’t be an easy task. While you may be tempted to use traditional methods like setting mouse traps, don’t expect to experience great results. Even if you successfully catch one rodent, there are more hiding somewhere nearby. You need the help of an experienced professional who knows how to completely eradicate rodents. When dealing with rodent problems, be sure to contact the professional team at Halt Pest Control.