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Top 4 Conducive Conditions for Pests To Enter Your Home

Having pests in your home is inevitable. Whether you have a couple of spiders running around, some flies that snuck in, or some ants making a trail to some leftover food, dealing with insects is just a part of life. However, while you may deal with bugs at some point, there are conducive conditions for pests that will make it easier and more likely for them to enter your home and reside on your property. Here are the top four that you need to know!

Conducive Conditions for Pests #1: Vegetation Close To Your Home

Vegetation attracts bugs. If you're growing fruit, vegetables, or even ordinary plants and grass right outside your home, you're likely to see bugs around it. Those bugs can, unfortunately, make their way inside your house instead of remaining outside.

Therefore, if you want to minimize the chance of getting bugs in your home, trim the vegetation. Keep grass short and plants a little less leafy. If you're growing fruits or vegetables, consider moving them away from the side of your home. Removing this top conducive condition for pests eliminates a prime opportunity for these critters to be near your home.

Night Lights Attract Bugs

If you have outside floodlights or other illumination, consider turning them off at night. You've likely seen moths attracted to these lights, but they also attract flying ants and flying termites. You probably don't want to have either of those around your property!

They're ok to have on for a little while, but once you go to bed, these lights should go off as well. If necessary, consider installing a smart switch or timer to turn them off for you, in case you forget. Alternatively, if you need the light at night, consider a sodium vapor light. These lights emit a less attractive frequency for most insects and will keep them away from your property.

Control Pest Attracting Insects

If you have many flies in and around your home, you're going to start to see spiders. Why? Spiders eat flies - they naturally gravitate towards the food source! Most people know that spiders are predatory insects, but so are beetles, wasps, and many others. You probably don't want most of those around your home.

To minimize the number of pests in your home, sometimes you need to get the other insects under control. That way, once the food source goes away, the insects will venture elsewhere to eat.

The Final Conducive Condition for Pests: Pipe Cracks

Cracks in pipes can give openings for insects and rodents to enter your home. It's one of the most conducive conditions for pests as it's not uncommon for rodents to find a hole in a tube and use that as a pathway to enter your home (if you have a raised foundation home, for example, and your lines run underneath the floorboards, this can be a problem). Of course, other insects, like cockroaches, can use this pathway to get into your dwelling.

Ensure that all pipes have adequate sealing and check for cracks with some regularity. That way, you'll minimize the risk of unwanted critters reaching your home.

If You Have Pests in Your Home, Call an Exterminator

Of course, the above measures are all preventative. They all make it less likely that you'll encounter pests on your property. However, if you have these problems in your home, the best way to eliminate them for good is to call a professional exterminator. The right person and team can analyze your property, develop a plan, and ensure these insects and rodents don't bother you anymore!