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Bed BugsBed bugs, or Cimex lectularius, are spread in many ways, including through secondhand furniture, by being brought back in luggage, or in bedding. Once these pests are in your home they dwell in the smallest crevices during the day and come out to feed on blood during the night. They are great hitchhikers, so travelers should take special precautions. For the same reasons, if you are having visitors to your home or apartment, there are some steps you should follow.

In single-family homes, these steps include:

  • Checking for signs of bed bugs in hotels. Look at the mattress and the headboard for stains or small insects.
  • Consider leaving your favorite pillow at home when you travel. If you cannot travel without it, use a sealed, bed bug-proof pillowcase.
  • Do not place any luggage or portable devices next to the bed or headboard when travelling.
  • Do not bring used or secondhand mattresses, beds, bedding, or other bedroom furniture into your home unless you are sure it is from a reputable source. Many secondhand stores do not properly clean their items before sale.
  • Make sure visitors do not bring bed bugs with them by providing pillows, bedding, and all necessary furniture. Let them know that they can leave these items at home.

If you notice bed bugs or their bites, immediately report it to the hotel or property manager to prevent it from happening to others. Even if you have been bitten, following the above steps can keep you from bringing an infestation home with you. Remember, bed bugs hide during the day, so being in an infested room during daylight hours shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

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Managing Bed Bugs in Multi-Family & Hospitality Properties

Special steps and considerations need to be taken to manage bed bugs with the hospitality and multi-family housing industry.

These steps include:

  • Working with your pest control professional to develop a written plan and protocols for dealing with bed bugs.
  • Educating yourself and your staff on bed bug biology, the dynamics of infestations, and how to identify the signs of bed bug. The Halt Pest Control site is a great resource for information.
  • Taking the time to communicate and set expectations with your management team and key departments such as maintenance and housekeeping, about managing bed bug situations.
  • Scheduling initial and ongoing inspections, document inspections and treatments, and do not miss follow-up treatments.
  • Developing protocol on how to prepare for pre- and post-bed bug treatments (see our preparation sheets) and define a way to enforce those steps.
  • Making sure residents understand how to prepare for treatments. This may require a translator if your residents do not speak English.
  • Developing a procedure for inspecting furniture and other items at move in and, in the event of infestation, control points and procedures for discarding infested items.
  • Creating rules for residents regarding clutter and sanitary conditions and schedule regular inspections of the units to ensure those rules are adhered to.
  • Drafting a contract to be signed by management, residents, and other appropriate individuals in the event that an infestation is identified and treatment is required. This contract should bind all parties to actively participate in the process and follow through on all pre- and post-treatment procedures and follow up treatments.

Most importantly, your pest control service provider should technicians who are certified and trained in the management of bed bug infestations. By working with Halt Pest Control in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, and the surrounding areas, you can rest easier knowing your bed bug issues are well-managed. We will have our eye on your specific situation and offer you personalized treatment programs for your long-term pest control needs.

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